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Building RTI Connext Micro for iOS

Objectives of this user guide:

Introduction to RTI Connext Micro support for iOS

This user-manual describes how to build RTI Connext Micro for iOS. RTI does not ship prebuilt libraries for RTI Connext Micro on iOS. However, the RTI Connext Micro source-code has been built and tested on iOS 4.2 and iOS 7.1.


Connext Micro Source Code

The RTI Connext Micro source code is available from RTI's support portal: support.rti.com


In order to build RTI Connext Micro for iOS it is required to install Xcode. RTI has tested with Xcode 4 and 5. In order to deploy and test to an actual iOS device it is necessary to obtain a developer certificate from Apple. Please see http://developer.apple.com for more information.

RTI Connext Micro works with both the iOS simulator and iOS devices.


RTI provides build-files based on CMake. CMake can be downloaded from http://www.cmake.org, and version 2.8 or higher is required. It is recommended to install the CMake GUI.

In order to create a project file for building RTI Connext Micro using Xcode, cmake tool-chain file is required. A tool-chain file can be downloaded from here:


Building the Source

The following is step by step instructions on how to built the RTI Connext Micro source:

How to Modify Existing Examples

There are no iOS specific RTI Connext Micro examples. However, with small modifications it is possible to use any of the existing examples found in the examples directory.

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