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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCARINC_InterfaceFactoryProperty<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Properties for the ARINC Interface
oCARINC_PortManagerFactoryProperty<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Properties for the Port Manager for this partition
oCARINC_PortProperty<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Properties for the APEX Queuing Ports created and used by this interface
oCARINC_ReceivePortProperty<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Properties for the Receive port
oCARINC_RouteProperty<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Properties for the ARINC Send port and the routes
oCARINC_RoutePropertySeq<<eXtension>> Declares a sequence of <ARINC_RouteProperty>
oCDDS_BuiltinTopicKey_tThe key type of the built-in topic types
oCDDS_ChecksumProperty<<eXtension>> Type to define the checksum properties of the participant RTI Connext Micro
oCDDS_ChecksumProperty_t<<eXtension>> Type to define the checksum properties of the participant RTI Connext Micro
oCDDS_ConditionSeqA sequence object containing references to one or more DDS_Condition objects
oCDDS_DataReaderInstanceReplacedStatus<<eXtension>> <<cert>> DDS_INSTANCE_REPLACED_STATUS
oCDDS_DataReaderListener<<interface>> <<cert>> DDS_Listener for reader status
oCDDS_DataReaderProtocolQosPolicy<<eXtension>> Protocol that applies only to DDS_DataReader instances
oCDDS_DataReaderQos<<cert>> QoS policies supported by a DDS_DataReader entity
oCDDS_DataReaderResourceLimitsQosPolicy<<cert>> Resource limits that apply only to DDS_DataReader instances
oCDDS_DataWriterListener<<interface>> <<cert>> DDS_Listener for writer status
oCDDS_DataWriterProtocolQosPolicy<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Protocol that applies only to DDS_DataWriter instances
oCDDS_DataWriterQos<<cert>> QoS policies supported by a DDS_DataWriter entity
oCDDS_DataWriterResourceLimitsQosPolicy<<cert>> Resource limits that apply only to DDS_DataWriter instances
oCDDS_DeadlineQosPolicy<<cert>> Expresses the maximum duration (deadline) within which an instance is expected to be updated
oCDDS_DestinationOrderQosPolicyDestination order policies that affect the ordering of subsribed data
oCDDS_DiscoveryComponentSpecifies the discovery plugin the DDS_DomainParticipant should use
oCDDS_DiscoveryQosPolicy<<cert>> Specifies the attributes required to discover participants in the domain
oCDDS_DomainParticipantFactoryQos<<cert>> QoS policies supported by a DDS_DomainParticipantFactory
oCDDS_DomainParticipantListener<<interface>> <<cert>> Listener for participant status
oCDDS_DomainParticipantQos<<cert>> QoS policies supported by a DDS_DomainParticipant entity
oCDDS_DomainParticipantResourceLimitsQosPolicy<<cert>> Resource limits that apply only to DDS_DomainParticipant instances
oCDDS_DurabilityQosPolicyDurability properties that affect the life-cycle of published data
oCDDS_Duration_tType for duration representation
oCDDS_EntityFactoryQosPolicy<<cert>> A QoS policy for all DDS_Entity types that can act as factories for one or more other DDS_Entity types
oCDDS_EntityNameQosPolicy<<cert>> Policy used to name an entity
oCDDS_GUID_tType for GUID (Global Unique Identifier) representation
oCDDS_HistoryQosPolicy<<cert>> Specifies the behavior of RTI Connext Micro in the case where the value of a sample changes (one or more times) before it can be successfully communicated to one or more existing subscribers
oCDDS_Listener<<interface>> Abstract base class for all Listener interfaces
oCDDS_LivelinessChangedStatus<<cert>> DDS_LIVELINESS_CHANGED_STATUS
oCDDS_LivelinessLostStatus<<cert>> DDS_LIVELINESS_LOST_STATUS
oCDDS_LivelinessQosPolicy<<cert>> Determines the mechanism and parameters used by the application to determine whether a DDS_Entity is alive
oCDDS_Locator_t<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Type used to represent the addressing information needed to send a message to an RTPS Endpoint using one of the supported transports
oCDDS_LocatorSeqDeclares IDL sequence < DDS_Locator_t >
oCDDS_OfferedDeadlineMissedStatus<<cert>> DDS_OFFERED_DEADLINE_MISSED_STATUS
oCDDS_OfferedIncompatibleQosStatus<<cert>> DDS_OFFERED_INCOMPATIBLE_QOS_STATUS
oCDDS_OwnershipQosPolicy<<cert>> Specifies whether it is allowed for multiple DDS_DataWriter (s) to write the same instance of the data and if so, how these modifications should be arbitrated
oCDDS_OwnershipStrengthQosPolicy<<cert>> Specifies the value of the strength used to arbitrate among multiple DDS_DataWriter objects that attempt to modify the same instance of a data type (identified by DDS_Topic + key)
oCDDS_ParticipantBuiltinTopicData<<cert>> Object representing a remote DomainParticipant
oCDDS_PresentationQosPolicySpecifies how the samples representing changes to data instances are presented to a subscribing application
oCDDS_ProductVersion<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Type used to represent the current version of RTI Connext Micro
oCDDS_ProductVersion_t<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Type used to represent the current version of RTI Connext Micro
oCDDS_ProtocolVersion<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Type used to represent the version of the RTPS protocol
oCDDS_PublicationBuiltinTopicDataObject describing a remote Publication
oCDDS_PublicationMatchedStatus<<cert>> DDS_PUBLICATION_MATCHED_STATUS
oCDDS_PublisherListener<<interface>> <<cert>> DDS_Listener for DDS_Publisher status
oCDDS_PublisherQos<<cert>> QoS policies supported by a DDS_Publisher entity
oCDDS_ReliabilityQosPolicy<<cert>> Indicates the level of reliability offered/requested by RTI Connext Micro
oCDDS_ReliableReaderActivityChangedStatus<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Describes the activity (i.e. are acknowledgements forthcoming) of reliable readers matched to a reliable writer
oCDDS_ReliableSampleUnacknowledgedStatus<<cert>> Status about unacknowledged samples
oCDDS_RequestedDeadlineMissedStatus<<cert>> DDS_REQUESTED_DEADLINE_MISSED_STATUS
oCDDS_RequestedIncompatibleQosStatus<<cert>> DDS_REQUESTED_INCOMPATIBLE_QOS_STATUS
oCDDS_ResourceLimitsQosPolicy<<cert>> Specifies the resources that RTI Connext Micro can consume in order to meet the requested QoS
oCDDS_RtpsReliableReaderProtocol_tQos related to reliable reader protocol defined in RTPS
oCDDS_RtpsReliableWriterProtocol_t<<cert>> QoS related to the reliable writer protocol defined in RTPS
oCDDS_RtpsWellKnownPorts_tRTPS well-known port mapping configuration
oCDDS_SampleInfoInformation that accompanies each sample that is read or taken
oCDDS_SampleInfoSeqDeclares IDL sequence < DDS_SampleInfo >
oCDDS_SampleLostStatus<<cert>> DDS_SAMPLE_LOST_STATUS
oCDDS_SequenceNumber_tType for sequence number representation
oCDDS_SubscriberListener<<interface>> <<cert>> DDS_Listener for status about a subscriber
oCDDS_SubscriberQos<<cert>> QoS policies supported by a DDS_Subscriber entity
oCDDS_SubscriptionBuiltinTopicDataEntry created when a DDS_DataReader is discovered in association with its Subscriber
oCDDS_SubscriptionMatchedStatus<<cert>> DDS_SUBSCRIPTION_MATCHED_STATUS
oCDDS_SystemResourceLimitsQosPolicy<<cert>> Resource limits that apply only to DDS_DomainParticipantFactory
oCDDS_Time_tType for time representation
oCDDS_TopicListener<<interface>> DDS_Listener for DDS_Topic entities
oCDDS_TopicQosQoS policies supported by a DDS_Topic entity
oCDDS_TransportQosPolicy<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Settings for available transports
oCDDS_UserTrafficQosPolicyA QosPolicy to configure properties of network traffic caused by the exchange of user data
oCDDS_VendorId<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Type used to represent the vendor of the service implementing the RTPS protocol
oCDDS_VendorId_t<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Type used to represent the vendor of the service implementing the RTPS protocol
oCDDS_WireProtocolQosPolicy<<cert>> Specifies the wire-protocol-related attributes for the DDS_DomainParticipant
oCDPDE_DiscoveryPluginProperty<<eXtension>> Properties for the Dynamic Participant/Dynamic Endpoint (DPDE) discovery plugin. This includes all discovery timing properties for participant discovery
oCDPSE_DiscoveryPluginProperty<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Properties for the Dynamic Participant/Static Endpoint (DPSE) discovery plugin. This includes all discovery timing properties for participant discovery
oCFooDataReader<<interface>> <<generic>> User data type-specific data reader
oCFooDataWriter<<interface>> <<generic>> User data type specific data writer
oCFooSeq<<interface>> <<generic>> <<cert>> A type-safe, ordered collection of elements. The type of these elements is referred to in this documentation as "Foo"
oCFooTypeSupport<<interface>> <<generic>> User data type specific interface
oCNDDS_Discovery_PropertySpecifies internal information used to store discovery information about a DDS_DomainParticipant in the registry
oCNDDS_Type_Plugin<<interface>> Type plugin interface
oCNDDS_Type_PluginVersionData type used to keep track of versioning information about a NDDS_Type_Plugin
oCOSAPI_Arinc653_ThreadPropertyARINC 653 Thread properties
oCOSAPI_Arinc653PropertyARINC 653 System properties
oCOSAPI_LogPropertyConfiguration of logging functionality
oCOSAPI_Port_ThreadProperty_Deos653Deos653 Thread properties
oCOSAPI_Port_ThreadProperty_VxWorks653VxWorks 653 Thread properties
oCOSAPI_PortPropertyAutoSAR System properties
oCOSAPI_PortProperty_Deos653Deos653 System properties
oCOSAPI_PortProperty_VxWorks653VxWorks 653 System properties
oCOSAPI_SystemI<<cert>> System API
oCOSAPI_SystemProperty<<cert>> The System Properties
oCOSAPI_ThreadPropertyProperties for thread creation
oCOSAPI_TimerPropertyTimer properies
oCRTI_ManagementQosPolicy<<cert>> Policy used determine how DDS_DataReader, DDS_DataWriter, DDS_Publisher, and DDS_Subscriber is managed
oCRTPS_Checksum<<eXtension>> <<cert>> RTPS checksum type
oCRTPS_ChecksumClass<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Definition of a checksum function
oCRTPS_ChecksumProperty<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Checksum properties for the RTPS plugin
oCRTPS_InterfaceFactoryProperty<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Properties for the RTPS Transport
oCUDP_InterfaceFactoryProperty<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Properties for the UDP Transport
oCUDP_InterfaceTableEntryGeneric structure to describe a network interface
oCUDP_InterfaceTableEntrySeq<<eXtension>> Declares IDL sequence<UDP_InterfaceTableEntry>
oCUDP_NatEntry<<eXtension>> Properties for a Network Address Translation entry
oCUDP_NatEntrySeq<<eXtension>> Declares IDL sequence<UDP_NatEntry>
oCUDP_TransformBase-class for instances of a transform library
oCUDP_TransformPropertyBase-class for instances of a transform library
oCUDP_TransformRuleTransformstion Rule
\CUDP_TransformRuleSeq<<eXtension>> Declares IDL sequence<UDP_TransformRule>

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