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OSAPI_SystemProperty Struct Reference

<<cert>> The System Properties. More...

Data Fields

struct OSAPI_TimerProperty timer_property
 The hostname for the node.
struct OSAPI_PortProperty port_property
 Port specific properties.

Detailed Description

<<cert>> The System Properties.

System properties

Field Documentation

struct OSAPI_TimerProperty OSAPI_SystemProperty::timer_property

The timer properties control the time thread running the internal RTI Connext Micro timer tick. Note that each port of RTI Connext Micro may choose to implement the timer tick differently. Please refer to platform specifc information for details.

char OSAPI_SystemProperty::hostname[OSAPI_SYSTEM_MAX_HOSTNAME]

The hostname for the node.

RTI Connext Micro uses this name when it announces itself on the network. This name is used by other RTI products. The hostname must not exceed OSAPI_SYSTEM_MAX_HOSTNAME, including the \0 character.

struct OSAPI_PortProperty OSAPI_SystemProperty::port_property

Port specific properties.

A port of RTI Connext Micro may add additional properties beyond the standard properties defined by RTI Connext Micro. These properties are set in this attribute. Note that each port defines their own properties. Please refer to platform specific documentation for the port properties.

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