RTI Connext DDS Micro  Version 2.4.8
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UDP Transport API

Data Structures

struct  UDP_InterfaceFactoryProperty
 <<eXtension>> <<cert>> Properties for the UDP Transport. More...


RTI_BOOL UDP_InterfaceTable_add_entry (struct UDP_InterfaceTableEntrySeq *seq, RTI_UINT32 address, RTI_UINT32 netmask, const char *ifname, RTI_UINT32 flags)
 Add an entry to the list of available interfaces.
struct RT_ComponentFactoryI * UDP_InterfaceFactory_get_interface (void)
 Gets the singleton instance of the UDP interface factory.

Detailed Description

<<eXtension>> <<cert>> The UDP transport implements the RTI Connext Micro NETIO interface and supports UDPv4. Please refer to UDP Transport for the User Manual and how to use the UDP transport.

Function Documentation

RTI_BOOL UDP_InterfaceTable_add_entry ( struct UDP_InterfaceTableEntrySeq *  seq,
RTI_UINT32  address,
RTI_UINT32  netmask,
const char *  ifname,
RTI_UINT32  flags 

Add an entry to the list of available interfaces.

This function can be used to add an interface to the if_table in the UDP_InterfaceFactoryProperty.

[in]seqThe sequence to add the entry to
[in]addressThe UDPv4 interface address to add in host order
[in]netmaskThe interface netmask
[in]ifnameThe interface name. Cannot exceed UDP_INTERFACE_MAX_IFNAME including NUL.
RTI_TRUE on success, RTI_FALSE on failure
struct RT_ComponentFactoryI* UDP_InterfaceFactory_get_interface ( void  )

Gets the singleton instance of the UDP interface factory.

This function gets the singleton instance of the UDP factory that is used by the middleware to create a UDP transport instance.

Pointer to UDP factory instance

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