August 2014 Community Update


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Letter From The Editor

September is fast approaching, and with it comes all the trappings of a new school year. Like many of you, I have tons of memories about back-to-school season. I have always truly relished in the beginning of a new school year: new teachers, classes, things to be learned, friends to make, and adventures to have. It made me feel like the world was completely bursting with opportunity, and it was up to me to jump in and take advantage of that.

It just so happens that we've been hard at work to give you a similar experience.

This month I'm excited to bring you a newsletter showcasing what's new at RTI: a new newsletter format, Connext Conference London, a Connext DDS Users Group, a new C++ API, and more (as though that's not enough!). 

Cheers to new adventures!

Lacey Trebaol, Community Manager

New C++ PSM API!
Alex Campos, Sr. Software Engineer

C++ has changed a lot in the last years and finally we had a chance to catch up. Our new modern C++ API (EAR) compliant with the OMG DDS C++ PSM standard radically improves your experience with C++. Check out a glimpse of what’s new in my blog post : Create A P2P Distributed Application In Under 35 Lines Of C++11 Code!

You're Invited!
Lacey Trebaol Engineer + Community Manager

Connext Conference London is going to be held on October 8th and 9th and we'd love to see you there!.

This 2 day event kicks off with a Connext DDS Users Group meeting where we're going to focus on the topics that matter the most to you. We're kicking off the event with a Keynote from Bryn Balcombe, Technology Director, London Live. He is going to speak discuss how the Industrial Internet technologies and protocols will change the way we experience live events - in the venue, in the home and on your phone.

Throughout the event you'll have ample opportunity to network with other DDS developers, share your experiences, and gather insights.

For schedule details, up-to-date information on speakers, and all general information relating to Connext Conference London, visit or reach out to the EMEA sales team at

Community Forum News
Gerardo Pardo, CTO

Forum activity continues to grow. Since last quarter we have crossed another important milestone. There are now over 1100 registered users of the forum. As registration is only required to post and not to read, this indicates we have over 1000 people contributing questions and answers to the forum. This is a great talent pool to draw from, so do not hesitate to post here your hardest questions!.

RTI Connext DDS as an alternative to ZeroMQ for Akka
Gianpiero Napoli, Sr. Software Engineer

The University of Bologna has been collaborating with RTI for quite a long time now. This time recent grad Marco Franzoni was working with actors using the akka framework and he wasn’t happy with the publish/subscribe support provided by ZeroMQ. So he decided to implement a DDS Extension for akka using RTI Connext DDS. He was successful and we decided to share his work with you! Check out the blog post: Replacing ZeroMQ with RTI DDS Connext DDS in an Actor Based System.

NI Week 2014
Sara Granados Cabeza, Software Engineer

Last week, the National Instruments team presented their steps to engage with the Industrial Internet of Things and I had the luck to be there. Their new products are aligned to create bigger distributed systems, where real-time and scalability are key. Some of those steps include communicating systems of systems, and that’s a road where I see NI and RTI walking together. No matter how big your systems are if they are isolated and cannot evolve in today’s world. At RTI we are aware of this and we are working really hard to enable DDS on NI’s real-time targets. Stay tuned for our cRIO release coming really soon!! And if you’re willing to evaluate it on your cRIO-9068, send us an email to

Resources on the Community Portal
Gerardo Pardo, CTO

Have you seen the list of examples or the GitHub repository recently? We have been hard at work and the repository already has 35 examples!
These examples illustrate how to use the Connext DDS APIs both in basic and advanced use-cases, like creating custom content filters or enabling the turbo mode.  The “turbo mode” is one of my favorite new features included in the Connext DDS 5.1 release. It implements an intelligent algorithm that dynamically adjusts the internal protocol parameters to give you the best possible throughput while maintaining low latency. This feature takes away the magic of tuning performance so unless you have a fairly simple system it is well worth enabling it!  
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