RTI System Designer for Connext DDS

RTI System Designer is a tool that allows you to graphically design and configure Connext DDS systems.

You can see it as a User Interface to XML-Based Application Creation, a technology that allow to specify in XML format all the aspects of a DDS System:

  • The Data Types that will be used to communicate information in the system
  • The Topics that will be used in the domain, associating each Topic with a Data Type
  • The DomainParticipant that can potentially be used, giving each a participant name
  • The DataWriters and DataReaders present within each DomainParticipant, each associated with its corresponding Topic.

The application code simply indicates the participant configuration name of the DomainParticipant that the application wants to create. The XML-Based Application Creation infrastructure takes care of the rest: creating the DomainParticipant, registering the types and Topics, and populating all the configured Entities.

Writing this XML can be quite challenging. Using a good editor with autocompletion capabilities along with the XML Schema provided can be of great help. But it is still quite complicated, especially when as the project gets bigger and involves multiple files.

The RTI System Designer UI tool can help ease this process and manage the complexity of a large system.





Try RTI System Designer

You can access a live version of the RTI System Designer without installing it by clicking here:

LAUNCH RTI System Designer Demo

This will allow you to test a demo version of the RTI System Designerand learn more about it before you even download it and install it.

Download RTI System Designer

RTI System Designer is distributed as a zip file and is available for the following architectures:

  • Darwin 64 bit (Mac Os)
  • Windows 64 bit
  • Linux 64 bit

To Download the tool go to this RTI Labs Page

Find help and give feedback

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