The foundation of the Connext family of solutions is RTI's distributed networking Databus, a data-centric messaging bus for scalable, high-performance reliable infrastructure. The RTI Databus connects data within applications as well as across devices, systems and networks. It also delivers large data sets with microsecond performance and granular quality-of-service control.

With the RTI Databus, applications exchange information by simply reading and writing data objects shared within a Global Data Space. The middleware maintains the data space, which captures a system's state. Applications are automatically initialized with current data. No discrete database or custom state server is required. Nor do applications have to maintain their own state and depend on durable messaging to keep it consistent.

Under the hood, data-centricity extends traditional publish/subscribe messaging with an in-memory data management layer. Applications operate on locally cached objects. The middleware synchronizes caches by publishing updates and subscribing to data of interest. Information is efficiently distributed across nodes based on each application's content, timing and reliability requirements.

The RTI Databus, an ultra high-performance, scalable and reliable infrastructure, provides a universal foundation for the Connext family.