RTI Connext DDS Installers for ROS 2

In this page you will find download links for all Connext versions used to generate binary packages for ROS 2.

ROS 2 applications can be deployed on RTI Connext DDS by means of rmw_connextddsThe source code for this RMW layer implementation can be built with any supported version of Connext, but the precompiled version shipped with every ROS 2 binary installation is always built with a specific version of Connext.

ROS 2/Connext Version Compatibility

ROS 2 ReleaseConnext Version Used by Precompiled ROS 2 BinarySupported Connext Versions
Galactic6. - 6.1.2
Humble6. - 6.1.2
Iron6. - 6.1.2
Rolling6. - 7.1.0

In order to use Connext, you must provide a valid license. You can request a free evaluation license from the RTI website. After requesting, you will receive an email with a license file that you can use with one of the following installers of your choice.

Evaluation Installers Download

RTI Connext DDS 6.0.1

RTI Connext DDS 5.3.1