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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNddsThe dds namespace. The dds namespace includes all of the standard types, classes, and functions
|oNtopicContains topic related classes and functions, the built-in topics and topic traits used by IDL-generated types
|oNcoreThe core namespace contains infrastructure types and functions
|oNall<<extension>> A single namespace where all standard symbols are included
|oNdomainThe domain namespace contains types, classes, and functions related to DomainParticipants
|oNpubContains the type and functions to support publishing topics
|\NsubContains the types and functions to support subscribing to topics
oNrti<<extension>> The namespace that contains the extension types and functions to the DDS standard
|oNtopic<<extension>> Extensions to dds::topic
|oNcore<<extension>> Extensions to dds::core
|oNsub<<extension>> Extensions to dds::sub
|oNconfig<<extension>> Contains configuration utilities such as logging
|oNdomain<<extension>> Extensions to dds::domain
|oNpub<<extension>> Extensions to dds::pub
|oNall<<extension>> A single namespace where all symbols are included
|\Nutil<<extension>> Contains general-purpose utilities
oCFooA hypothetical topic-type
oCListenerEntity listeners
oCNDDS_Transport_Address_tAddresses are stored individually as network-ordered bytes
oCNDDS_Transport_Property_tBase structure that must be inherited by derived Transport Plugin classes
oCNDDS_Transport_Shmem_Property_tSubclass of Transport_Property_t allowing specification of parameters that are specific to the shared-memory transport
oCNDDS_Transport_UDPv4_Property_tConfigurable IPv4/UDP Transport-Plugin properties
oCNDDS_Transport_UDPv6_Property_tConfigurable IPv6/UDP Transport-Plugin properties
\CTransportAllocationSettings_tAllocation settings used by various internal buffers

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