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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCrti::pub::AcknowledgmentInfo<<extension>> <<value-type>> Information about an application-acknowledged sample
oCrti::core::policy::AcknowledgmentKind_def<<extension>> The enumeration for Reliability acknowledgment kinds
oCrti::sub::AckResponseData<<extension>> Data payload associated to an application-level acknowledgment
oCrti::core::AllocationSettings<<extension>> Resource allocation settings
oCdds::sub::AnyDataReader<<reference-type>> This class provides an non-template holder for representing a DataReader of any type
oCdds::sub::AnyDataReaderListenerThe listener to notify status changes for a dds::sub::DataReader of a generic type
oCdds::pub::AnyDataWriter<<reference-type>> This class provides an non-template holder for representing a DataWriter of any type
oCdds::pub::AnyDataWriterListenerThe listener to notify status changes for a dds::pub::DataWriter of a generic type
oCdds::topic::AnyTopic<<reference-type>> This class provides an non-template holder for representing a Topic of any type
oCrti::core::policy::AsynchronousPublisher<<extension>> Configures the mechanism to publish data using a separate thread
oCrti::core::cond::AsyncWaitSet<<interface>> A class for dispatching dds::core::cond::Condition objects using separate threads of execution. You can see this class as an extension of a dds::core::cond::WaitSet that allows asynchronously waiting for the attached dds::core::cond::Condition objects to trigger and provide a notification by calling dds::core::cond::Condition::dispatch
oCrti::core::cond::AsyncWaitSetCompletionToken<<interface>> Implementation of the completion token role element of the asynchronous completion token pattern that is part of the rti::core::cond::AsyncWaitSet behavior
oCrti::core::cond::AsyncWaitSetListener<<interface>> Listener for receiving event notifications related to the thread pool of the rti::core::cond::AsyncWaitSet
oCrti::core::cond::AsyncWaitSetPropertySpecifies the rti::core::cond::AsyncWaitSet behavior
oCrti::core::policy::Availability<<extension>> Configures data availability in the context of Collaborative DataWriters and Required Subscriptions
oCdds::core::basic_string< CharType, Allocator ><<value-type>> A string convertible to std::string and with similar functionality
oCrti::core::policy::Batch<<extension>> Allows a dds::pub::DataWriter to batch multiple samples into a single network packet to increase throughput
oCrti::core::bounded_sequence< T, MaxLength ><<value-type>> A bounded sequence of elements
oCdds::topic::BuiltinTopicKeyThe key of the built-in topics
oCrti::core::policy::BuiltinTopicReaderResourceLimits<<extension>> Configures several resource management aspects of the built-in topic DataReaders
oCdds::core::BytesTopicTypeBuilt-in type consisting of a variable-length array of opaque bytes
oCrti::core::policy::CdrPaddingKind_def<<extension>> The definition of the dds::core::safe_enum CdrPaddingKind
oCrti::core::ChannelSettings<<extension>> Configures the properties of a channel in rti::core::policy::MultiChannel
oCdds::sub::CoherentAccess<<value-type>> Controls whether RTI Connext will preserve the groupings of changes made by the publishing application by means of begin_coherent_changes and end_coherent_changes
oCdds::pub::CoherentSet<<value-type>> A publishing application can request that a set of DDS data-sample changes be propagated in such a way that they are interpreted at the receivers' side as a cohesive set of modifications
oCdds::core::cond::Condition<<reference-type>> Abstract base class of all the conditions
oCrti::queuing::ConsumerAvailabilityParamsDefinition of the availability feedback information that can be provided by consumers to Queuing Service
oCrti::topic::ContentFilter< T, CompileData ><<extension>> A class to inherit from when implementing a custom content filter
oCrti::core::ContentFilterProperty<<extension>> <<value-type>> Provides all the required information to enable content filtering
oCrti::core::CookieUnique identifier for a written data sample in the form of a sequence of bytes
oCrti::topic::CustomFilter< T ><<extension>> <<reference-type>> A wrapper class for the user-defined implementation of a ContentFilter
oCrti::topic::CustomFilter< ContentFilterBase >
oCrti::core::policy::Database<<extension>> Configures threads and resource limits that RTI Connext uses to control its internal database
oCrti::core::status::DataReaderCacheStatus<<extension>> Information about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::datareader_cache()
oCdds::sub::DataReaderListener< T >The Listener to notify status changes for a dds::sub::DataReader
oCdds::sub::DataReaderListener< RequestType >
oCrti::core::policy::DataReaderProtocol<<extension>> Configures DataReader-specific aspects of the RTPS protocol
oCrti::core::status::DataReaderProtocolStatus<<extension>> Information about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::datareader_protocol()
oCdds::sub::qos::DataReaderQos<<value-type>> Container of the QoS policies that a dds::sub::DataReader supports
oCrti::core::policy::DataReaderResourceLimits<<extension>> Configures the memory usage of a dds::pub::DataReader
oCrti::sub::cond::DataReaderStatusConditionHandler< T ><<interface>> Realization of a functor handler that handles the status of a dds::sub::DataReader
oCdds::sub::status::DataStateDescribes the state of a sample and includes the information about the sample's InstanceState, ViewState, and SampleState
oCrti::core::status::DataWriterCacheStatus<<extension>> Information about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::datawriter_cache()
oCdds::pub::DataWriterListener< T >The Listener to notify status changes for a dds::pub::DataWriter
oCrti::core::policy::DataWriterProtocol<<extension>> Configures aspects of an the RTPS protocol related to a dds::pub::DataWriter
oCrti::core::status::DataWriterProtocolStatus<<extension>> Information about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::datawriter_protocol()
oCdds::pub::qos::DataWriterQos<<value-type>> Container of the QoS policies that a dds::pub::DataWriter supports
oCrti::core::policy::DataWriterResourceLimits<<extension>> Configures the memory usage of a dds::pub::DataWriter
oCrti::core::policy::DataWriterResourceLimitsInstanceReplacementKind_def<<extension>> The enumeration for DataWriter Resource Limits
oCdds::core::policy::DeadlineExpresses the maximum duration (deadline) within which an instance is expected to be updated
oCdds::core::policy::DestinationOrderControls the logical order of updates to the same instance by a dds::pub::Publisher
oCdds::core::policy::DestinationOrderKind_defThe definition of the dds::core::safe_enum DestinationOrderKind
oCrti::core::policy::DestinationOrderScopeKind_def<<extension>> The definition of the dds::core::safe_enum DestinationOrderScopeKind
oCrti::core::policy::Discovery<<extension>> Configures entity discovery
oCrti::core::policy::DiscoveryConfig<<extension>> Configures the discovery mechanism
oCrti::core::policy::DiscoveryConfigBuiltinPluginKindMask<<extension>> A mask that selects the built-in discovery plugins to be used
oCrti::core::DiscoveryPluginPromiscuityKind_defThe definition of the dds::core::safe_enum DiscoveryPluginPromiscuityKind
oCrti::domain::DomainParticipantConfigParams<<extension>> <<value-type>> Input paramaters for creating a participant from xml configuration. It allows modification of some of the properties of the entities defined in the configuration
oCdds::domain::qos::DomainParticipantFactoryQos<<value-type>> Container of the QoS policies that do not apply to a specific entity
oCdds::domain::qos::DomainParticipantQos<<value-type>> Container of the QoS policies that a dds::domain::DomainParticipant supports
oCrti::core::policy::DomainParticipantResourceLimits<<extension>> Configures the memory usage of certain dds::domain::DomainParticipant resources
oCdds::core::policy::DurabilitySpecifies whether a dds::pub::DataWriter will store and deliver previously published data samples to late-joining dds::sub::DataReader entities
oCdds::core::policy::DurabilityKind_defThe definition of the dds::core::safe_enum DurabilityKind
oCdds::core::policy::DurabilityServiceConfigures the external RTI Persistence Service used by persistent and transient DataWriters
oCdds::core::Duration<<value-type>> Represents a time interval
oCrti::topic::dynamic_type< TopicType >Provides a DynamicType that represents an IDL-generated type
oCdds::core::xtypes::DynamicData<<value-type>> A data sample of any complex data type, which can be inspected and manipulated reflectively
oCrti::core::xtypes::DynamicDataInfoContains information about a DynamicData sample
oCrti::core::xtypes::DynamicDataMemberInfoContains information about a DynamicData member
oCrti::core::xtypes::DynamicDataTypeSerializationProperty<<extension>> <<value-type>> Configures aspects of the memory management in the serialization of dds::core::xtypes::DynamicData samples
oCdds::core::xtypes::DynamicType<<value-type>> Represents a runtime type
oCrti::core::EndpointGroup<<extension>> Specifies a group of endpoints that can be collectively identified by a name and satisfied by a quorum
oCdds::core::Entity<<reference-type>> This is the abstract base class for all the DDS objects that support QoS policies, a listener and a status condition
oCdds::core::policy::EntityFactoryConfigures a dds::core::Entity that acts as factory of other entities
oCrti::core::policy::EntityName<<extension>> Assigns a name to a DomainParticipant, Publisher, Subscriber, DataWriter or DataReader
oCdds::core::xtypes::EnumMember<<value-type>> Represents a EnumType member
oCrti::core::policy::Event<<extension>> Configures the thread in a DomainParticipant that handles timed events
oCrti::core::status::EventCount< IntegerType ><<extension>> <<value-type>> Encapsulates an event count containing a total count and an incremental count since the last time a status was read
oCdds::core::ExceptionThe abstract base class for all of the DDS exceptions which may be thrown by the API
oCrti::core::policy::ExclusiveArea<<extension>> Configures multi-threading and deadlock prevention
oCrti::topic::ExpressionProperty<<extension>> <<value-type>> Provides additional information about the filter expression passed to the writer_compile method of rti::topic::WriterContentFilter
oCrti::topic::extensibility< TopicType ><<extension>> Indicates the extensibility kind of a topic-type
oCdds::core::xtypes::ExtensibilityKind_defThe definition of the dds::core::safe_enum ExtensibilityKind
oCdds::core::external< T >A managed reference to an object
oCdds::topic::FilterDefines the filter to create a ContentFilteredTopic
oCrti::topic::FilterSampleInfo<<extension>> <<value-type>> Provides meta information associated with the sample
oCrti::pub::FlowController<<extension>> <<reference-type>> A flow controller is the object responsible for shaping the network traffic by determining when attached asynchronous dds::pub::DataWriter instances are allowed to write data
oCrti::pub::FlowControllerProperty<<extension>> <<value-type>> Configures a FlowController
oCrti::pub::FlowControllerSchedulingPolicy_def<<extension>> Kinds of flow controller shceduling policy
oCrti::pub::FlowControllerTokenBucketProperty<<extension>> <<value-type>> Configures a FlowController based on a tocken-bucket mechanism
oCFooA hypothetical topic-type
oCrti::core::Guid<<extension>> <<value-type>> Class for GUID (Global Unique Identifier) representation
oCdds::core::policy::HistorySpecifies how much historical data a dds::pub::DataWriter and a dds::sub::DataReader can store
oCdds::core::policy::HistoryKind_defThe definition of the dds::core::safe_enum HistoryKind
oCrti::core::policy::IgnoredEntityReplacementKind_def<<extension>> The enumeration for DomainParticipantResourceLimits ignored entity replacement kinds
oCdds::core::status::InconsistentTopicStatusInformation about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::inconsistent_topic()
oCdds::core::InstanceHandle<<value-type>> Handle to identiy different instances of the same dds::topic::Topic of a certain type
oCdds::sub::status::InstanceStateIndicates if the samples are from a live dds::pub::DataWriter or not
oCdds::topic::is_topic_type< T >Trait that indicates if a type is suitable to be the type of a dds::topic::Topic
oCrti::request::IsReplyRelatedPredicate< T >Functor to match replies by their related request
oCrti::sub::IsValidData< T ><<extension>> A functor that returns true when a sample has valid data
oCdds::core::KeyedBytesTopicTypeBuilt-in type consisting of a variable-length array of opaque bytes and a string that is the key
oCdds::core::KeyedStringTopicTypeBuilt-in type consisting of a string payload and a second string that is the key
oCdds::core::policy::LatencyBudgetProvides a hint as to the maximum acceptable delay from the time the data is written to the time it is received by the subscribing applications
oCrti::config::LibraryVersion<<extension>> <<value-type>> The version of a single library shipped as part of an RTI Connext distribution
oCdds::core::policy::LifespanSpecifies how long the data written by a dds::pub::DataWriter is considered valid
oCListenerEntity listeners
oCrti::core::ListenerBinder< Entity, Listener ><<reference-type>> Automatically manages the association of an Entity and a Listener
oCdds::core::policy::LivelinessSpecifies and configures the mechanism that allows dds::sub::DataReader's to detect when dds::pub::DataWriter's become disconnected
oCdds::core::status::LivelinessChangedStatusInformation about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::liveliness_changed()
oCdds::core::policy::LivelinessKind_defThe definition of the dds::core::safe_enum LivelinessKind
oCdds::core::status::LivelinessLostStatusInformation about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::liveliness_lost()
oCrti::core::xtypes::LoanedDynamicData<<move-only-type>> Gives temporary access to a member of another DynamicData object
oCrti::sub::LoanedSample< T >The element type of a dds::sub::LoanedSamples collection
oCdds::sub::LoanedSamples< T ><<move-only-type>> Provides temporary access to a collection of samples from a DataReader
oCrti::core::Locator<<extension>> <<value-type>> Type used to represent the addressing information needed to send a message to an RTPS Endpoint using one of the supported transports
oCrti::core::policy::LocatorFilter<<extension>> Configures how the dds::topic::PublicationBuiltinTopicData reports the configuration of a MultiChannel DataWriter
oCrti::core::LocatorFilterElement<<extension>> <<value-type>> Specifies the configuration of an individual channel within a MultiChannel DataWriter
oCrti::core::LocatorKind_defThe definition of the dds::core::safe_enum LocatorKind
oCrti::config::LogCategory_defThe definition of the dds::core::safe_enum LogCategory
oCrti::config::LoggerThe singleton type used to configure RTI Connext logging
oCrti::core::LongDouble<<extension>> <<value-type>> Encapsulates an IDL long double
oCdds::sub::DataReader< T >::ManipulatorSelectorA Selector class enabling the streaming API
oCrti::sub::ManipulatorSelector< T >
oCdds::core::xtypes::Member<<value-type>> Represents a StructType member
oCrti::core::policy::MultiChannel<<extension>> Configures the ability of a DataWriter to send data on different multicast groups (addresses) based on the value of the data
oCNDDS_Transport_Address_tAddresses are stored individually as network-ordered bytes
oCNDDS_Transport_Property_tBase structure that must be inherited by derived Transport Plugin classes
oCNDDS_Transport_Shmem_Property_tSubclass of Transport_Property_t allowing specification of parameters that are specific to the shared-memory transport
oCNDDS_Transport_UDPv4_Property_tConfigurable IPv4/UDP Transport-Plugin properties
oCNDDS_Transport_UDPv6_Property_tConfigurable IPv6/UDP Transport-Plugin properties
oCrti::topic::no_compile_data_tThe type to specify as the CompileData template parameter to your ContentFilter if your compile function does not return any data
oCdds::core::status::OfferedDeadlineMissedStatusInformation about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::offered_deadline_missed()
oCdds::core::status::OfferedIncompatibleQosStatusInformation about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::offered_incompatible_qos()
oCdds::core::optional< T ><<value-type>> Represents an object that may not contain a valid value
oCdds::core::optional< dds::core::xtypes::DynamicType >
oCdds::core::optional< dds::pub::qos::DataWriterQos >
oCdds::core::optional< dds::sub::qos::DataReaderQos >
oCdds::core::optional< Foo >
oCrti::core::optional_value< T ><<extension>> Represents a value that can be initialized or not
oCdds::core::policy::OwnershipSpecifies whether it is allowed for multiple dds::pub::DataWriter's to write the same instance of the data and if so, how these modifications should be arbitrated
oCdds::core::policy::OwnershipKind_defThe definition of the dds::core::safe_enum OwnershipKind
oCdds::core::policy::OwnershipStrengthSpecifies the value of the strength used to arbitrate among multiple dds::pub::DataWriter objects that attempt to modify the same instance of a data type (identified by its dds::topic::Topic and key)
oCdds::topic::ParticipantBuiltinTopicDataEntry created when a dds::domain::DomainParticipant is discovered
oCdds::core::policy::PartitionSet of strings that introduces a logical partition among the topics visible by a dds::pub::Publisher and a dds::sub::Subscriber
oCrti::core::pointer< T >
oCdds::core::policy::policy_id< Policy >Obtains the policy ID
oCdds::core::policy::policy_name< Policy >Obtains the policy name
oCdds::core::policy::PresentationSpecifies how the samples representing changes to data instances are presented to a subscribing application
oCdds::core::policy::PresentationAccessScopeKind_defThe definition of the dds::core::safe_enum PresentationAccessScopeKind
oCrti::config::PrintFormat_defThe definition of the dds::core::safe_enum PrintFormat
oCrti::topic::PrintFormatKind_defThe definition of the dds::core::safe_enum PrintFormatKind
oCrti::topic::PrintFormatProperty<<extension>> <<value-type>> A collection of attributes used to configure how data samples will be formatted when converted to a string
oCrti::core::ProductVersion<<extension>> <<value-type>> Represents the current version of RTI Connext
oCrti::core::policy::Property<<extension>> Stores key/value string pairs that can configure certain parameters of RTI Connext not exposed through QoS policies. It can also store and propagate through the discovery mechanism application-specific information associated to a dds::core::Entity
oCrti::core::ProtocolVersion<<extension>> Represents the current version of RTI Connext
oCdds::topic::PublicationBuiltinTopicDataEntry created when a dds::pub::DataWriter is discovered in association with its dds::pub::Publisher
oCdds::core::status::PublicationMatchedStatusInformation about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::publication_matched()
oCdds::pub::qos::PublisherQos<<value-type>> Container of the QoS policies that a dds::pub::Publisher supports
oCrti::core::policy::PublishMode<<extension>> Specifies whether a dds::pub::DataWriter sends data synchronously or asynchronously
oCrti::core::policy::PublishModeKind_def<<extension>> The enumeration for PublishMode kinds
oCdds::core::policy::QosPolicyCount<<value-type>> Holds a counter for a QosPolicyId
oCdds::core::QosProvider<<reference-type>> The QosProvider class provides a way for a user to control and access the XML QoS profiles that are loaded by RTI Connext
oCrti::core::QosProviderParams<<extension>> <<value-type>> Configure options that control the way that XML documents containing QoS profiles are loaded by a dds::core::QosProvider
oCdds::sub::Query<<value-type>> Encapsulates a query for a dds::sub::cond::QueryCondition
oCrti::queuing::QueueConsumer< T >Allows you to receive samples from a SharedReaderQueue
oCrti::queuing::QueueConsumer< TRep >
oCrti::queuing::QueueConsumer< TReq >
oCrti::queuing::QueueConsumerListener< T >Called when certain events occur in a QueueConsumer
oCrti::queuing::QueueConsumerListener< TRep >
oCrti::queuing::QueueConsumerListener< TReq >
oCrti::queuing::QueueEntityParams< ActualEntity >A parent class for all queue parameter classes
oCrti::queuing::QueueEntityParams< QueueConsumerParams >
oCrti::queuing::QueueEntityParams< QueueProducerParams >
oCrti::queuing::QueueEntityParams< QueueReplierParams >
oCrti::queuing::QueueEntityParams< QueueRequesterParams >
oCrti::queuing::QueueProducer< T >Allows you to send samples to a specific SharedReaderQueue hosted by Queuing Service
oCrti::queuing::QueueProducer< TRep >
oCrti::queuing::QueueProducer< TReq >
oCrti::queuing::QueueProducerListener< T >Called when certain events occur in a QueueProducer
oCrti::queuing::QueueProducerListener< TRep >
oCrti::queuing::QueueProducerListener< TReq >
oCrti::queuing::QueueReplier< TReq, TRep >Allows receiving requests and sending replies
oCrti::queuing::QueueReplierListener< TReq, TRep >Called when certain events occur in a QueueReplier
oCrti::queuing::QueueRequester< TReq, TRep >Allows sending requests and receiving replies
oCrti::queuing::QueueRequesterListener< TReq, TRep >Called when certain events occur in a QueueRequester
oCdds::core::policy::ReaderDataLifecycleControls how a DataReader manages the lifecycle of the data that it has received
oCrti::core::policy::ReceiverPool<<extension>> Configures threads that RTI Connext uses to receive and process data from the transport modules (such as UDP)
oCrti::core::policy::RefilterKind_def<<extension>> Kinds of Refiltering
oCdds::core::policy::ReliabilityIndicates the level of reliability in sample delivered that a dds::pub::DataWriter offers or a dds::sub::DataReader requests
oCdds::core::policy::ReliabilityKind_defThe definition of the dds::core::safe_enum ReliabilityKind
oCrti::core::status::ReliableReaderActivityChangedStatus<<extension>> Information about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::reliable_reader_activity_changed()
oCrti::core::status::ReliableWriterCacheChangedStatus<<extension>> Information about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::reliable_writer_cache_changed()
oCrti::core::policy::RemoteParticipantPurgeKind_def<<extension>> The definition of the dds::core::safe_enum RemoteParticipantPurgeKind
oCrti::request::Replier< RequestType, ReplyType ><<reference-type>> Allows receiving requests and sending replies
oCrti::request::ReplierListener< RequestType, ReplyType >Called when a Replier has new available requests
oCrti::request::ReplierParamsContains the parameters for creating a rti::request::Replier
oCdds::core::status::RequestedDeadlineMissedStatusInformation about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::requested_deadline_missed()
oCdds::core::status::RequestedIncompatibleQosStatusInformation about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::requested_incompatible_qos()
oCrti::request::Requester< RequestType, ReplyType ><<reference-type>> Allows sending requests and receiving replies
oCrti::request::RequesterParamsContains the parameters for creating a rti::request::Requester
oCdds::core::policy::ResourceLimitsControls the memory usage of dds::pub::DataWriter or a dds::sub::DataReader
oCrti::core::RtpsReliableReaderProtocol<<extension>> Configures aspects of the RTPS protocol related to a reliable DataReader
oCrti::core::policy::RtpsReliableWriterProtocol<<extension>> Configures aspects of an RTPS reliable writer
oCrti::core::policy::RtpsReservedPortKindMask<<extension>> Mask of reserved ports
oCrti::core::RtpsWellKnownPorts<<extension>> Configures the mapping of the RTPS well-known ports
oCdds::core::safe_enum< def, inner ><<value-type>> Provides a safe, scoped enumeration based on def::type
oCdds::core::safe_enum< ConfirmationKind_def >
oCdds::core::safe_enum< Verbosity_def >
oCdds::sub::Sample< T ><<value-type>> This class encapsulate the data and meta-data associated with DDS samples
oCrti::core::SampleFlag<<extension>> A set of flags that can be associated with a sample
oCrti::core::SampleIdentity<<extension>> <<value-type>> A SampleIdentity defines a pair (Virtual Writer Guid, SequenceNumber) that uniquely identifies a sample within a DDS domain and a Topic
oCdds::sub::SampleInfo<<value-type>> Information that accompanies each sample received by a DataReader
oCrti::sub::SampleIterator< T >A random-access iterator of LoanedSample
oCrti::core::status::SampleLostState<<extension>> Reasons why a sample was lost
oCdds::core::status::SampleLostStatusInformation about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::sample_lost()
oCdds::core::status::SampleRejectedStateReasons why a sample was rejected
oCdds::core::status::SampleRejectedStatusInformation about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::sample_rejected()
oCdds::sub::status::SampleStateIndicates whether or not a sample has ever been read
oCrti::config::ScopedLoggerVerbosityChanges the logger verbosity temporarily during the scope of a variable
oCdds::sub::DataReader< T >::SelectorUsed by the DataReader to compose read and take operations
oCrti::core::SequenceNumber<<extension>> <<value-type>> A class representing the DDS 64-bit Sequence Number
oCrti::core::policy::Service<<extension>> Indicates if an Entity is associated with a service and if so, which one
oCrti::core::policy::ServiceKind_def<<extension>> The definition of the dds::core::safe_enum ServiceKind
oCrti::topic::ServiceRequest<<extension>> <<value-type>> A request coming from one of the built-in services
oCrti::core::status::ServiceRequestAcceptedStatus<<extension>> Information about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::service_request_accepted()
oCrti::core::ServiceRequestId_defThe definition of the rti::core::safe_enum ServiceRequestId
oCdds::sub::SharedSamples<<reference-type>> A sharable and container-safe version of LoanedSamples
oCrti::sub::SharedSamples< T >Provides access to a collection of middleware-loaned samples
oCrti::request::SimpleReplier< RequestType, ReplyType ><<reference-type>> A callback-based replier
oCdds::core::status::StatusMaskA std::bitset (list) of statuses
oCrti::sub::status::StreamKind<<extension>> Indicates which stream to read from: live stream, topic-query stream or both
oCdds::core::StringTopicTypeBuilt-in type consisting of a single character string
oCdds::sub::qos::SubscriberQos<<value-type>> Container of the QoS policies that a dds::sub::Subscriber supports
oCdds::topic::SubscriptionBuiltinTopicDataEntry created when a dds::sub::DataReader is discovered in association with its dds::sub::Subscriber
oCdds::core::status::SubscriptionMatchedStatusInformation about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::subscription_matched()
oCdds::pub::SuspendedPublication<<value-type>> Indicates that the application is about to make multiple modifications using several dds::pub::DataWriter's belonging to the same dds::pub::Publisher
oCrti::core::policy::SystemResourceLimits<<extension>> Configures resources that RTI Connext uses
oCrti::core::ThreadSettings<<extension>> The properties of a thread of execution
oCrti::core::ThreadSettingsCpuRotationKind_defDetermines how rti::core::ThreadSettings::cpu_list affects processor affinity for thread-related QoS policies that apply to multiple threads
oCrti::core::ThreadSettingsKindMask<<extension>> A collection of flags used to configure threads of execution
oCdds::core::Time<<extension>> Represents a point in time
oCdds::core::policy::TimeBasedFilterAllows a dds::sub::DataReader to indicate that it is not interested in all the sample updates that occur within a time period
oCrti::topic::topic_type_has_external_members< TopicType ><<extension>> Indicates if a topic type contains directly or indirectly IDL external members
oCrti::topic::topic_type_has_pointer_members< TopicType ><<extension>> Indicates if a topic type contains directly or indirectly IDL pointer members
oCdds::topic::topic_type_name< T >Provides the name of a topic-type
oCdds::topic::topic_type_support< T >Provides convenience operations for a topic-type
oCdds::topic::TopicBuiltinTopicDataEntry created when a dds::topic::Topic object is discovered
oCdds::topic::TopicInstance< T >Encapsulates a sample and its associated instance handle
oCdds::topic::TopicListener< T >The listener to notify status changes for a dds::topic::Topic
oCdds::topic::qos::TopicQos<<value-type>> Container of the QoS policies that a dds::topic::Topic supports
oCrti::sub::TopicQuery<<extension>> <<reference-type>> Allows a dds::sub::DataReader to query the sample cache of its matching dds::pub::DataWriters
oCrti::sub::TopicQueryData<<extension>> <<value-type>> Provides information about a TopicQuery
oCrti::core::policy::TopicQueryDispatch<<extension>> Configures the ability of a dds::pub::DataWriter to publish samples in response to a rti::sub::TopicQuery
oCrti::sub::TopicQuerySelection<<extension>> <<value-type>> Specifies the data query that defines a TopicQuery
oCTransportAllocationSettings_tAllocation settings used by various internal buffers
oCrti::core::policy::TransportBuiltin<<extension>> Specifies which built-in transports to use
oCrti::core::policy::TransportBuiltinMask<<extension>> Mask that specifies which built-in transports are used
oCrti::core::TransportClassId_defThe definition of the dds::core::safe_enum TransportClassId
oCrti::core::TransportInfo<<extension>> <<value-type>> Contains the class id and message max size of an installed transport
oCrti::core::policy::TransportMulticast<<extension>> Specifies the multicast address on which a dds::sub::DataReader wants to receive its data and other settings
oCrti::core::policy::TransportMulticastKind_def<<extension>> The definition of the dds::core::safe_enum TransportMulticastKind
oCrti::core::policy::TransportMulticastMappingSpecifies a list of topic_expressions and multicast addresses that can be used by an Entity with a specific topic name to receive data
oCrti::core::TransportMulticastSettings<<extension>> Represents a list of multicast locators
oCdds::core::policy::TransportPriorityAllows applications to take advantage of transports capable of sending messages with different priorities
oCrti::core::policy::TransportSelection<<extension>> Specifies the transports that a dds::pub::DataWriter or a dds::sub::DataReader may use to send or receive data
oCrti::core::policy::TransportUnicast<<extension>> Specifies a subset of transports and a port number that can be used by a dds::core::Entity to receive data
oCrti::core::TransportUnicastSettings<<extension>> Represents a list of unicast locators
oCdds::core::policy::TypeConsistencyEnforcementDefines the rules for determining whether the type used to publish a given topic is consistent with that used to subscribe to it
oCdds::core::policy::TypeConsistencyEnforcementKind_defThe definition of the dds::core::safe_enum TypeConsistencyEnforcementKind
oCdds::core::xtypes::TypeKind_defThe definition of TypeKind
oCrti::core::policy::TypeSupport<<extension>> Allows attaching application-specific information to a dds::pub::DataWriter or dds::sub::DataReader that is passed to the serilization and deserialization routines
oCdds::core::xtypes::UnionMember<<value-type>> Represents a UnionType member
oCdds::core::policy::UserDataAttaches a buffer of opaque data that is distributed by Built-in Topics during discovery
oCrti::sub::ValidSampleIterator< T >A forward iterator adapter that skips invalid samples
oCdds::core::Value< D >
oCdds::core::Value< DELEGATE >
oCdds::core::vector< T ><<value-type>> A vector convertible to std::vector and with similar functionality
oCdds::core::vector< int32_t >
oCdds::core::vector< uint8_t >
oCrti::core::VendorId<<extension>> Represents the vendor of the service implementing the RTPS protocol
oCrti::config::Verbosity_defThe definition of the dds::core::safe_enum Verbosity
oCdds::sub::status::ViewStateIndicates whether or not an instance is new
oCdds::core::cond::WaitSet<<reference-type>> Allows an application to wait until one or more of the attached Condition objects have a trigger_value of true or else until the timeout expires
oCrti::core::cond::WaitSetProperty<<extension>> <<value-type>> Specifies the dds::core::cond::WaitSet behavior for multiple trigger events
oCdds::core::WeakReference< T >
oCrti::core::policy::WireProtocol<<extension>> Configures the write protocol of a dds::domain::DomainParticipant
oCrti::core::policy::WireProtocolAutoKind_def<<extension>> The definition of the dds::core::safe_enum WireProtocolAutoKind
oCrti::pub::WriteParams<<extension>> <<value-type>> Advanced parameters for writing with a DataWriter
\Cdds::core::policy::WriterDataLifecycleControls how a dds::pub::DataWriter handles the lifecycle of the instances (keys) that it writes

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