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OSAPI_NtpTime Struct Reference

NtpTime API. More...

#include <osapi_time.h>

Detailed Description

NtpTime API.

NTP Time representation.

Expresses time in NTP format. The second field is simply an integer expressing seconds. The fraction field expresses 1/2^32 of a second. We strongly urge customers to use our provided macros to convert this format to and from human readable form.

OSAPI_NtpTime_init must be called before OSAPI_NtpTime_get. Creating a domain has the side-effect of calling OSAPI_NtpTime_init.


The following is a simple example on how to prepare a struct OSAPI_NtpTime structure to be 1.5 seconds.

     struct OSAPI_NtpTime ntpTime;

     OSAPI_NtpTime_packFromMillisec(ntpTime, 1, 500);
See also:
OSAPI_NtpTime_packFromMillisec OSAPI_NtpTime_packFromMicrosec
OSAPI_NtpTime_unpackFromMillisec OSAPI_NtpTime_unpackFromMicrosec

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