Understanding the Internet of Things Protocols

The Internet revolutionized how people communicate, what they do, and how they work together. The revolution is not done. The next wave of the Internet will connect machines and devices together into functioning, intelligent systems. These interconnected devices, aka the Internet of Things (IoT), will link machines together with speeds, scales, and capabilities far beyond what people need or use. The IoT of intelligent connected devices will change the world, perhaps more profoundly than today's human-centric Internet. 

However, figuring out where your application fits into the maze of technologies is truly confusing. This webinar will decode the machine-to-machine (M2M) technology jumble. When does DDS (Data Distribution Service) make sense? How does it compare to MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport)? To the AMQP (Advance Message Queuing Protocol)? To the cloud? These technologies differ drastically; we'll provide a guide to help you navigate. 

We will then explore some of the applications and reasons that high-performance integrated device systems are choosing DDS, the Object Management Group (OMG) standard for Data Distribution Service middleware. Attendees will learn why DDS is the only technology that delivers the flexibility, reliability, and speed necessary to build complex real-time applications. We will examine why military systems, wind-turbine farms, advanced medical systems, asset-tracking systems and automotive test and safety systems choose to base their designs on DDS.
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