How to hide the console that RTI DDS open in a C# app ?

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How to hide the console that RTI DDS open in a C# app ?


I use RTI DDS in a C# / WPF app, I setted the app to be a Windows Application so that it should not open a console when starting.

But I think that RTI DDS force the opening of the console windows with this message :

"RTI data distribution service development license issued to <name> <email> For non-production use only.
Exprire on <date> See for more information."

I tried to set a :


Or :


but with no success.

Do you know how to don't show that console ?


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This is because of the fact that you are using an Evaluation Licence.  It is a reminder that you should request a different kind of license.

That warning will go away as soon as you get a different kind of license, this includes the free licenses like the RTI Open Community Source License, the Univesity and Internal Research and Develppment License (IRAD) or any kind of commercial license (see

The best would be if you could contact sales or support to arrange the most approprite license for your needs.

If you are in a crunch and need something urgently, let meknow here and I can get you a short-term temporary license that will not pop-up the console while you wait for the more permanent solution.