type_code problem on included idl class

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type_code problem on included idl class


I have an problem with type_code on "included idl class"(explained with example below).

type_code.member_count() gives exception Null Pointer when "included idl class" try to subscribe .


the included idl class like that


include "other.idl"


struct mystruct {

otherNameSpace::memberofOther name;






my aplication reads all published topics when it comes an publication of included idl , statement publicationBuinltinTopicData.type_code.MemberCount() gives null pointer exception


do you have an idea what is thats the problem. or any suggestion ?

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Hi Oruc,


may I ask whether you use the -ppDisable option when you generate your code? This disables the preprocessor and the include directive does not get processed in this case.