RTI Connext Micro 3.0.3

RTI Connext Micro provides a small-footprint, modular messaging solution for resource-limited devices that have limited memory and CPU power, and may not even be running an operating system. It provides the communications services that developers need to distribute time-critical data. Additionally, RTI Connext Micro is designed to become a certifiable component in high-assurance systems.

RTI Connext Micro benefits include:

  • Accommodations for resource-constrained environments
  • Modular and user extensible architecture
  • Designed to be a certifiable component for safety-critical systems
  • Seamless interoperability with Connext DDS and Connext Messaging

Documentation Overview

Downloads for RTI Connext Micro 3.0.3

  • The latest documentation can be downloaded from here and extracted on-top of an existing RTI Connext Micro 3.0.3 installation.

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