4.5e vs 4.5f shared memory compatibility

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4.5e vs 4.5f shared memory compatibility

Our applications use Connext 4.5f and a third party using 4.5e is having difficulty connecting using shared memory.  We are both using the same QoS profile and they are getting an error: "incompatible shared memory segment found".

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See the release notes for 4.5f.

The change from 4.5e to 4.5f was required because of a problem in an edge case when using shmem.

Disable shmem in one set (everything 4.5e and prior, or everything 4.5f and later) on that machine, and ensure that UDP loopback is enabled.  That should be automatic in the 4.5f and later (disabling shmem forces UDP loopback).  ISTR.