Allow interfaces priority

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Allow interfaces priority

We have a use case where we have multiple machines on a LAN communicating, and a subset of the machines are on an additional. LAN. We have configured our QoS to allow both subnets, BUT if possible we'd like the participants to always favor one of the LANs over the other. Is this possible to explicitly configure?

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This is a feature we’re developing and one you can evaluate with the Connext 7 EAR:

In this release, a DomainParticipant can now be configured to receive data over preferred interfaces only, by setting a new property, max_interface_count, which can be used in all IP-based transports. This property limits the number of network interface locators to be included in the DomainParticipant’s announcement, prioritizing whichever interface(s) are specified first (in a left-to-right manner) in the allow_interfaces_list for the transport.”

You’d need to decide, though, whether adopting a pre-release version of Connext makes sense within your project timelines.   It’ll be some time before this is offically and fully supported.