Blocking behavior with creation of DDS objects

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Blocking behavior with creation of DDS objects

I have a general question related to the behavior of creatign DDS objects. We are having slow discovery (on the order of minutes) on startup of an application. This is a separate issue that we are working on. However, the slow discovery has preciptated questions related to how we create DDS objects and their blocking behavior.


1. Does creation of Domain Participants, Subscriber, Readers, Writers, Topics, or Content Filtered Topics block on network activity?

      We create these objects on startup of our application in a serial/synchronous fashion with the UI. When we are experiencing discovery problems the application can block for minutes while creating these objects.

2. Is there an asynchronous API for creating DDS resources such as those in question #1?



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Which OS are you running on? There's a known issue with Windows and discovery:

Is it possible that you are running into that issue?