Can I build a gui project with MFC like a "Shapes Demo"?

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Can I build a gui project with MFC like a "Shapes Demo"?


I want to build a GUI project in MFC.

I downloaded RTI Connext Launcher (Trial Ver), and I used "Shapes Demo" in Tools tab.

I tried to make a project like it, however console always pops up and gui application stops.

I found a question which is similar to my question, ( but I couldn't solve problem.


So, To summarize the questions..

1. Can I control not to open a console?(Just Temporary license)

2. Is it possible to make a MFC application with Visual C++ like Shapes Demo?

If I have additional questions, I will write ripples..


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It should be possible to create an MFC application – what is the output in the console? Is it information about your license, or is it an error message?  If you minimize the console (but do not close it) does the application work correctly?

Thank you!