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Commercial License

Hi RTIers,

I would like to know how much will the commercial license cost if we sell our software that use RTI DDS CONNEXT on it. This issue is to know the economic forecast that will be included in the documentation provided for the first phase of the Challenge.



Francisco Medina

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Hello Francisco,

For the purposes of projecting out the cost impact of using the RTI Connext DDS software in a potential product that is built using it there are a couple of options/assumptions:

  1. If the product develped qualifies as an Infrastructure Community (IC) then it is possible to use the RTI Connext DDS Open Community Source. This is license that allows the user to use the RTI Connext DDS Core libraries and embed/distribute them as part of the products they develop. This license is free of charge so there are no costs associated with it. 
  2. Oherwise the commercial license depends on the number of developers and the options used. The cost is per developer per year (meaning the developers that use RTI Connext DDS to develop your software). There are no riun-time or royalty fees so you can ship as many copies as you want without additional costs.  The per-develper cost depends on the number of users (lower prices the more users you have) and the options (i.e. Core linbraries only, Tools, run-time services like RTI Persistence Service or RTI Routing Service, etc). Depending on the optins the costs range from 1000 to 8000 Euros per developer so as a ball-park estimate for the economic forecast I would use a number like 4500 Euros per developer per year.


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Hola Gerardo,

recientemente, he descargado la "RTI Connext DDS Core under the Open Community Source license", para lo cual tuve que aceptar la " RTI Open Infrastructure Community License".

Querría saber lo siguiente: ¿puedo desarrollar un SW que utilice RTI Connext DDS Core y vender o distribuir dicho SW a clientes o usuarios sin restricción alguna?

Es decir, si quisiera vender o distribuir o vender dicho SW (sin restricción alguna de licencias) a usuarios o empresas ajenas a Infrastructure Community, ¿estaría obligado a adquirir la commercial license?

Gracias y saludos

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Hi Gerardo,

I've recently downloaded the "RTI Connext DDS Core under the Open Community Source license"; to do so, I had to accept la " RTI Open Infrastructure Community License".

Please, I'd like to know whether I can sell or distribute a software I've developed (that uses RTI Connext DDS Core under the mentioned license for selling or distributing) with no constraints or restrictions at all.

I mean, if I was to sell or distribute my software (under Open Community Source License) to companies or third parties, must I purchase the RTI Connext commercial license?

Thanks in advance