Communication between Connext Applications on Emulator Android and Host

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Communication between Connext Applications on Emulator Android and Host

Hi All,

I need to implement the scenario in while Apps Android are deployed both Android Eclipse Emulator and Smarth phone. I have follow the Android manual to understand how i could send data from emulator to other real smartphone. On page 10-2 "Getting started Android Addendum" i have understand how to reach communication between emulator and mobile devices, and implement it, but i have no communication between them.
Someone could help me??


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Hi Manuel,

Chapter 10.2 talks about running DDS applications between an emulator and the host machine. Hence both the DDS applications will be running on the same physical device. If this is the case, then you can first test the connectivity by running rtiddsspy and rtiddsping at the two endpoints. If QoS settings such as the initial_peers is configured via a QoS XML file, then the location of this file must be mentioned in the application code. A sample code for doing this is provided in RTI Core Libraries and Utilities Users Manual, section 8.4.2 "Profile QosPolicy".

If you are trying to run DDS applications between an emulator on host A and a Smartphone (host B), then it would be a two step process. You will need a third entity to receive the data on host A from the emulator via loopback interface and forward this data to the Smartphone via a wifi interface. You can achieve this by running RTI's Routing Service on Host A and configure it to forward the packets to the Smartphone.