Connext Drive 2.0 is now available for download

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Connext Drive 2.0 is now available for download


RTI is pleased to announce Connext Drive® 2.0, the production-grade connectivity framework for software-defined vehicles that accelerates direct integrations into AUTOSAR Classic and ROS 2.

New features in this Connext Drive release include:

Connext Integration Toolkit for AUTOSAR Classic: includes a set of tools bridging AUTOSAR Classic ECU modeling and configuration workflows with RTI Connext Drive 2.0 for rapid and scalable communication of embedded, real-time and secure systems. This integration simplifies the design and evolution of DDS-enabled automotive ECUs.

Connext Integration Toolkit for ROS 2: includes a growing library of tools that eases ROS 2 and Connext Drive ecosystem integration, providing ROS 2 developers with a bridge to production-grade systems. Through this integration, users can slash latency in their ROS 2 systems through a custom ROS Middleware Wrapper developed by RTI. 

Connext Drive Launcher: helps users design a vehicle according to a specific use case, including Next Generation E/E / ADAS, Teleoperations, Simulation or High Performance Compute. By selecting the optimal features for a specific use case, developers achieve increased productivity and accelerated time to market. Users can now ease project development with direct access to the full set of utilities, services and tools available in Connext Drive. 

Getting Started

To download Connext Drive, please log into the customer download portal and follow the Connext Drive 2.0 Getting Started Guide from the community portal