Content Filtering by Metadata

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Content Filtering by Metadata

All samples have associated meta-data, ie. when the sample was produced and when the sample was recieved.

A query condition can be used to filter samples based on sample data, but is it possible to filter based on the sample meta-data.

I have a use case where samples are irregularly generated and I wish to only read samples generated since some time T, without simply reading all samples.

The reason is that due to architectural constraints (within our software) it is possible that multiple objects (within the process) may attempt to "get-changed-samples" where conceptually developers desire a "get-changed-samples-since". Rather than caching/wrapping access I am attempting to see if I can use the DDS to provide an equivalent funciton through the use of query conditions.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and insights.


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Hello Robert,

I agree this is a very desirable feature!  We actually started the work on this capability a while back and already implemented some of it but it only supports one of the metadata fields (the related_sample_identity)  which we needed for one of the internal use-cases and not the timestamp fields.

We are planning to add this to the product, but we do not have this currently scheduled in our roadmap. If you need this soon and are under support you could perhaps touch base with the support and field team and they could provide more details on the plans and what can be done to accelerate them.