DDS and javascript/webpage

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DDS and javascript/webpage

Is ther a way to have a DDS writer and reader for a webpage? I want to do this so that instead of having DDS communicate with an application and then the application communicate to the webpage that is the front end using websockets, I can just skip the middle man and push and read messages from the webpage directly without having to use websockets.

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Hi Jgr208,

There is a new OMG Web-enabled DDS specification that standardizes an architecture to bridge the DDS Global Data Space to web application using REST and SOAP APIs. RTI is working on an implementation of this specification that should address your use case. We should have a proof of concept ready in the next couple of months. Please, contact RTI's sales representatives if you want to try it out and provide feedback. 

Meanwhile, I guess your only option is to save the information you want to display on a database and read it from your web application. You could also hook up DDS with a web server accessible from your web application and implement a way to create entities and write/read data from it.