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DDS Traffic


I have two Ubuntu VMs are at cloud and are in same network. I am having issue in brodcasting messages between two machines.

If I run Seder and receiver on same machine , I can see they can communicate with each other on same topic. But these are not discoverable from two seperate machines. I am very new to this system and working  on a POC . I cant see the topics in other machine at rti admin console.PLease let me know if I am missing some thing

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DDS uses multicast for the deafult discovery service and most cloud providers do not support muticast. To resolve the issue, you have two options:

1) Manually set IP addresses in NDDS_DISCOVERY_PEERS environment variable.


2) Cloud Discovery Service (CDS) enables DDS discovery over a network not supporting multicast.


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To complete Kyongho's suggestions, you can follow these steps in the future to help self-debug this problem :)

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