dpse discovery

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dpse discovery

when i used helloworld_dpse example testing ,i found if i restarted sub.exe,pub could not found sub.

why? thanks.

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Hello Igzhe, 

That should not be related to the DPSE discovery plug-in, but it might be happening for other reasons.  I say this because the DPSE plug-in turns off the endpoint discovery traffic, but the DomainParticipant discovery is still being sent, so the Publisher and Subscriber applications should still discover each other.

Do they never re-discover each other, or do they maybe rediscover after 30 - 60 seconds?  If they rediscover after 30 seconds, it means that only one of the applications is successfully sending the initial DomainParticipant announcement to the other.  This could be because:

  • The initial_peers of the subscriber application does not include the publisher
  • The initial_peers of the subscriber contains a multicast address, and for some reason multicast is being blocked by a firewall in that direction

Do you have Wireshark installed?  If so, would you like to attach an image of the RTPS traffic after the sub is restarted?

Thank you!