Dynamic Data getters/setters for strings

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Dynamic Data getters/setters for strings


I'm trying to implement a module that would iterate over the members of a dynamic data object, calling get or set method based on the member's typecode.

I was wondering whether I should treat TK_WSTRING as a primitive type? TK_STRING is primitive, and get_string/set_string are used, but I see no such methods in the api for wstring. Calling get_string on a TK_WSTRING member throws an exception.

Interestingly enough, I did find get_wstring/set_wstring in the c++ api. Is there a reason it is missing in java api?



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Hi Michael,

I think the reason why there are getters and setters for DDS_TK_WSTRING in C and C++ is the DDS_Wchar data type is internally mapped to RTI_UINT32, instead of just a char like DDS_Char does. However, in the Java implementation all strings are mapped to the native String class.

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