Error In create topic

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Error In create topic

Hello RTI Team,

I am getting the following error in create_topic() method.

OwnershipQosPolicy_to_presentation_qos_policy:ERROR: Failed to set ownership (unknown kind)
DDS_TopicQos_to_presentation_qos:ERROR: Failed to set ownership
DDS_Topic_create_presentation_topicI:!create PRESTopicProperty
DDS_Topic_createI:!create presentation topic
DDSTopic_impl::createI:!create topic
create_topic error


Could you please help me in this?


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Hi mmuttam,

I have managed to reproduce the same behavior you are observing. This issue seems related to a misconfiguration of the Ownership QoS policy for your topic. Please, consider that the Ownership QoS policy kind (DDS_OwnershipQosPolicyKind) can only have these 2 values: DDS_SHARED_OWNERSHIP_QOS or DDS_EXCLUSIVE_OWNERSHIP_QOS. Could you confirm that you are using any of these two?

I only managed to reproduce your behavior by setting something different than those 2 values. The error messages that you are seeing are exactly saying that: the ownership has not been set because the kind is unknown.