ERROR: Failed to set default unicast entryports

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ERROR: Failed to set default unicast entryports

We get this error intermittently and when it happens the writer in the reporting process fails to discover the corresponding reader:

DDS_DomainParticipantPresentation_update_participant_locatorsI:ERROR: Failed to set default unicast entryports
COMMENDFacade_updateEntryPorts:!create entryport

Both the readers and writers are running in different docker containers (with --network=host) deployed on either the same of different nodes.

Anyone who can explain the details about this error so that we can get a hint on how to address it?



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Hi Christian,

Guessing this is probably related to the network configuration of your docker containers.  I suggest that you work with RTI's support team to resolve this issue.

I believe that Johan and Kristoffer on your team has access to RTI's support portal.

Best regards,