Error from prototyper MIGInterpreter_parse:!RTPS

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Error from prototyper MIGInterpreter_parse:!RTPS



When I run the RTI DDS Prototyper on Windows, I see this message on the console, in 1-2 minutes intervals



Otherwise the Prototyper is running fine. This message does not occur when I run the Prototyper on Linux or Mac OS. What is causing the message, and how can I fix/change it?



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Hello Hanxue,

This message is a warning that means the Prototyper has received a message that is not from a DDS application.  It is not dangerous, but it means that something is sending messages to the same ports that the Prototyper is listening on.  The Prototyper is ignoring those messages and printing the warning.

If you want to see what is causing that warning, you may be able to use Wireshark to find the source of the non-DDS (non-RTPS-protocol) packets.

Thank you!