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Using the DDS Modern C++ API 6.1.0

I'm trying to use rti::topic::find_topics() to get all the local topics from my local domain participant but I can't get the correct syntax.

The following throws the runtime exception: Can't create an AnyTopic from a native topic. Try a typed Topic<T> instead

    std::vector<dds::topic::AnyTopic> topics;
    uint32_t topicCount = rti::topic::find_topics(participant, std::back_inserter(topics));

While this gives a various compilation errors:

    std::vector<dds::topic::Topic<dds::core::xtypes::DynamicData>> topics;
    uint32_t topicCount = rti::topic::find_topics(participant, std::back_inserter(topics));

Are there any concrete examples of rti::topic::find_topics() with DynamicData available?

I've been unable to find any.


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You have to use 

topic = dds::topic::find<dds::topic::Topic<dds::core::xtypes::DynamicData>>(participant, topic_name).

There is a limitation when the topic is created from an XML file that causes the exception you saw in find_topics().

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I get an error when attempting to use the line above.

dds::topic::find<dds::topic::Topic<dds::core::xtypes::DynamicData>>(participant, "MyTopic");

error: ‘find’ is not a member of ‘dds::topic’

I also attempted to use it how its defined in tthe API reference:

dds::topic::Topic::find(participant, "MyTopic");

But this also results in an error:

dds::topic::Topic::find(participant, "MyTopic");

error: ‘template<class T, template<class Q> class DELEGATE> class dds::topic::Topic’ used without template arguments

dds::topic::Topic<dds::topic::Topic<dds::core::xtypes::DynamicData>>::find(participant, "MyTopic");

error: ‘find’ is not a member of ‘dds::topic::Topic<dds::topic::Topic<rti::core::xtypes::DynamicDataImpl> >’

What is the correct usage for this call?