How to configure participant id in QOS file

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How to configure participant id in QOS file

Need QOS xml configuration to explictly mention participant_id in subscriber (i.e no auto selecation of participant id which means RTPS ports are choosen).

Use Case: 1 Publisher (VM_IP-1)  DDS Commuincation to 3 Subscriber(VM_IP-2)

Publisher QOS - initial_peers  2@SUB_IP.  (configure subscriber machine IP) mentioning 3 participants are configured for discovery. (domain 100 : Reserved 3 pairs of Ports Usage 32410, 32411, 32412, 32413, 32414, 32415).

1st Subscriber -   prticipant id : 0 (i.e. reseve two ports 32410, 32411 only) (QOS configuration ? )

2nd Subscriber -   prticipant id : 1 (i.e. reseve two ports 32412, 32413 only)

3rd Subscriber -   prticipant id : 2 (i.e. reseve two ports 32414, 32415 only)


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If you want to change the participant ID, you can see an example in this article.

And you can see the ports used by default here.

But before any of that, I would ask why do you need to do this? Which is your use case?