How to find out between different subnets

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How to find out between different subnets

When the publisher and subscriber are in different subnets, how to find each other and communicate with each other.Is it necessary to set the specified IP address or set the multicast address. How to set up?


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Hi Devin,

Without knowing the configuration of your network, I can only suggest that you set up the initial_peers list of each publisher and subscriber with the specific IP address of the nodes in the other subnet.

You may find this chapter in the Core Libraries User's Manual useful:

And, also, this article where you can see how to configure the initial peers list:

I hope this helps,



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Hi Irene,

      This post is helpful for me to get started for configuring initial_peers list of each publisher and subscriber.

But, I am still trying to figure out

1> how to assign the static port number for each publisher and subscriber for multicast with the specifc domain_id assign for each publisher and subscriber.

2> Why the subscriber doesn't receive the data from the restarted publisher with the same domain id. The publisher and subscriber are located on the different nodes.

If you could guide me to the right direction, I would really appreciate it.