How to get ParticipantBuiltinTopic Info

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How to get ParticipantBuiltinTopic Info



I'm using RTI DDS Micro and trying to get the ParticipantBuiltinTopic information. I found some previous topics about the ParticipantBuiltinTopic, but seems all of them were working on the RTI DDS Pro. I'm wondering:

(1) Is it the same to get the ParticipantBuiltinTopic info on both DDS Micro and DDS Pro? I checked the C API manual for both products and the data structure looks the same.

(2) I also checked the builtin_topics example (, when I compile te C files, it shows"unkonw type name: DDS_ParticipantBuiltinTopicData.DataReader" which is not found on the C API mannual either. Are the examples out-of-date?

(3) Could anyone share some basic logics/steps on how to retrive the ParticipantBuiltinTopic info please? Currently all I need is to get the newly-discovered peer name, i.e. DDS_ParticipantBuiltinTopicData::participant_name.


Thanks in advance.