The IV Tech Challenge is over. Meet the WINNERS!!

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The IV Tech Challenge is over. Meet the WINNERS!!

The IV Tech Challenge at the University of Granada (sponsored by RTI) came to an end a few weeks ago. The winners were four senior students from University of Granada’s Computer and Telecommunications Engineering department. These studentes created a company-like group called Prometheus and develp an strategy to integrate RTI's challenge into the real world. They designed and created Locaviewer - a multi-agent video distribution system for kindergartens.
Locaviewer is a system that allows parents to subscribe to their kid’s topic from home or work and receive live video of the room where the kid is. It also allows the caretakers to monitor the kids at all times. They not only created Locaviewer, but researched the market and prepared their marketing tools, like this promotional video:

To learn more, stay tuned for their upcoming post on our blog.