Large Message Sizes with Performance Tests

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Large Message Sizes with Performance Tests

I am trying to use Performance Tests to benchmark RTI with large message sizes. I have looked at a few posts to the knowledebase about this:


Can these XML elements shown in the above posts be added to the perftest_qos_profiles.xml file?  I am looking at message sizes greater than 10 Mbits and need to have reliable transport. Does Performance Test support message sizes greater than 63000 bits?




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Hi Joseph,

RTI Perftest allows you to test large data. RTI Perftest will automatically configure certain RTI Connext DDS behaviors:

  • Unbounded-sequences
  • Asynchronous Publisher and flowController.

Using large data is recommended:

  • Using the parameter -sendQueueSize <number>: to a low value.
  • Using a flow controller -flowController <default,1Gbps,10Gbps>: RTI Perftest provides options to use a flow controller designed for a 10Gbps network or a 1Gbps one or default.

In regard to your request, you can run the following commands:

  • Publisher:
bin/<architecture>/<release or debug>/perftest_cpp -pub -dataLen 1000000 -sendQueueSize 1 -flowController 1Gbps
  • Subscriber:
  bin/<architecture>/<release or debug>/perftest_cpp -sub -dataLen 1000000

Let me know if it works for you.