List of All QoS policies, parameters, and values

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List of All QoS policies, parameters, and values


I have found this nice document called Comprehensive Summary of QoS Policies, but I would like to get some help in finding the list of all the actual XML tags that are used in QoS policies.

For example, for History policy, there is the <kind> and <depth> tags. But hadn't I looked at the example files, where can I get this information about specific tag names associated with any policy?


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Hi Abdulrahman,

RTI Connext DDS provides different XSD schemas that contain all the possible QoS settings that can be defined in its XML files. These schemas are shipped along with the product. If you use RTI Connext DDS 5.2.0, you will the complete list of schemas under /path/to/your/installation/rti_connext_dds-x.y.z/resource/schema/.

You will probably be needing a schema called "rti_dds_profiles.xml", which includes all the possible definitions for QoS, types, and entities. The schemas are also available online (e.g., so that you can include them in your XML files even if you do not have the product installed.

If you have an XML editor that supports auto-completion, you can include the appropriate schema using the xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation attribute in the <dds> tag:

<dds xmlns:xsi=""

With that information, your editor should be able to provide auto-completion and you should be able to see all the available tags under a certain location in the XML code. This screenshot shows all the possible tags under  <participant_qos> in Eclipse:

Autocompletion of XML files

You will find more information on the specifics of each QoS setting in the different API documentation. Here is a link to the QoS settings for DataWriters as they are described in the C++ API Documentation.

Please, let me know f you have more questions on how to configure your XML editor to enable auto-completion or any other doubt regarding QoS settings.