looking for build / use info

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looking for build / use info

Hi All,

Anyone know of issues with Centos 7 / gcc 4.9 / clang 3.6



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We haven't used clang with RTI Connext DDS so can't say anything on that. We use the 5.1.0 x64Linux2.6gcc4.4.5 target libraries on CentOS 7, at least our testing doesn't show any runtime problems specific to CentOS7

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I don't know about clang but I have been using the RedHat 6 RTI Connext distribution (x64Linux2.6gcc4.4.5) on CentOS 7 64 bit. I was able to successfully build the C++ and Java examples. The only applications I had problems with was Shapes. I needed to install libpng12 and compat-libtiff3 in order to run shapes as follow:

  • yum install libpng12
  • yum install compat-libtiff3

RedHat 7 will officially be supported in the upcoming 5.2 release of RTI Connext.