Major issue with WLAN devices

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Major issue with WLAN devices

Hello all,

If a linux device with WLAN (wpa_supplicant) is currently not connected to a network (for example because it is out of range) I get the following error:

NDDS_Transport_UDPv4_SocketFactory_create_receive_socket: No interface found enabled for multicast.

Of course I can work around the issue with the article from the knowledge base ( 

So if a customer wants to restart our software on a device that just happens to be out of WLAN range he needs to:

  • Edit config file
  • Start software
  • Drive into WLAN range
  • Stop software
  • Edit config file
  • Start software

I guess you can see the problem here. Is there not a better solution?

Best regards,



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Hello Andreas,

Yes you are right currently this scenario is not bein handled well at all... And this is an understatement :)

The good news is that we have already a solution to this problem that will become available with our next release. I am not sure when this release will happen as we are working on additional features that we also want to include... But if this is urgent for you,  contact out field team at [email protected] and perhaps we can make an early-access build available for you to try out. Note that this would need to be approved by our PM and field teams.