!malloc size exceeds heap while creating publisher

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!malloc size exceeds heap while creating publisher


I am using nodejs rticonnextdds-connector. while the application is starting up I am getting the following issue. Pls guide.

[D0347|Pub(80000008)|T=TEST_DATA|CREATE Writer] RTIOsapiHeap_allocateBufferAligned:!malloc size exceeds heap (4294934784 > 2147483647)
REDAFastBufferPool_growEmptyPoolEA: !allocate buffer of 68719444224 bytes
[D0347|Pub(80000008)|T=TEST_DATA|CREATE Writer] REDAFastBufferPool_newWithNotification:!create fast buffer pool buffers
[D0347|Pub(80000008)|T=TEST_DATA|CREATE Writer] PRESTypePluginDefaultEndpointData_createWriterPool:!create writer buffer pool
[D0347|Pub(80000008)|T=TEST_DATA|CREATE Writer] DDS_DynamicData2TypePlugin_on_endpoint_attached:ERROR: Failed to create writer pool
[D0347|Pub(80000008)|T=TEST_DATA|CREATE Writer] PRESPsService_enableLocalEndpointWithCursor:failed to attach endpoint to typePlugin
[D0347|Pub(80000008)|T=TEST_DATA|CREATE Writer] PRESPsService_enableLocalEndpoint:!enable local endpoint
[D0347|Pub(80000008)|T=TEST_DATA|CREATE Writer] DDS_Publisher_create_datawriter:ERROR: Failed to auto-enable entity
DDS_FactoryXmlPlugin_createDataWritersWithNamesI:!create DataWriter
DDS_FactoryXmlPlugin_createDataWriters:!create DataWriters from XML DataWriter "::MyParticipantLibrary::MyParticipant::MyPublisher::TEST_DATA_Writer"
DDS_FactoryXmlPlugin_createPublishers:!create DataWriters from XMLPublisher "::MyParticipantLibrary::MyParticipant::MyPublisher"
DDS_FactoryXmlPlugin_createParticipant:!create Publishers from XML Participant "::MyParticipantLibrary::MyParticipant"
DDS_DomainParticipantFactory_create_participant_from_config_w_paramsI:!create DomainParticipant from configuration "MyParticipantLibrary::MyParticipant"
DDS_DomainParticipantFactory_create_participant_from_config:!create participant with default parameters
RTIDDSConnector_newI:!new participant



Krishna Murthy

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I believe your issue is related to your type. Do you have any unbounded sequences or strings in your XML type definition?
If so, you have two optoins:
- Give the unbounded types a bound (i.e., if you know that the string will never be longer than 1KiB, bound it to that).
- Set the following QoS in your XML


Note that in the above QoS snippet, i am setting the max_size to 4096, this is just an example, you will need to decide what you want the max size to be.