Max size of DDS message using TCP/IP

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Max size of DDS message using TCP/IP

Could someone tell me what the max size for a DDS message that can be transported on a TCP/IP protocol? And how fast can this max message be sent? Thanks

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Connext DDS does not impose any hard limits on the message sizes. It will automatically fragment and re-assemble messages that are bigger than what the network can transport (e.g. in the case of UDP/IP the network can only send messages containing at most 64KB).

Note that when sending large messages you should use the RELIABLE setting for RELIABILITY Qos. Otherwise if any fragment is lost the whole message would be dropped...

In addition it is recommened you use asynchronous pubishing and a flow controller. You can find some examples at and and you can read about it in the Connext DDS User's Manual.

The speed will very much depend on the configuration of the flow controller, the speed of the machine and the speed of your network. In principle, assuming your machine is fast enough, you should be able to approximate the maximum bandwidth of the underlying network.