Multicast with WSL2 mirrored networking mode

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Multicast with WSL2 mirrored networking mode

WSL2 now supports mirrored mode networking which among other things can enable multicast support. I've been hoping to make this work with Connext because in my experiments with WSL thus far I can use rtiddsping between WSL & the Windows 11 host but I can't get any UDP traffic across (though it does work within WSL). I enabled mirrored mode based on the Microsoft documentation by adding the following to my .wslconfig file:

networkingMode = mirrored
hostAddressLoopback = true 

I verified that this enabled UDP by running netcat in WSL and on the host under Cygwin (and until I made this change that test did not work). Unfortunately when I tried running rtiddsping from Connext 7.2.0 I got the following error:

ERROR [0x01013BA9,0x52A9B07A,0xC58C7D57:0x000001C1{Name=RTI DDS Ping,Domain=0}|ENABLE|LC:DISC]DDS_DomainParticipant_enableI:Automatic participant index failed to initialize. PLEASE VERIFY CONSISTENT TRANSPORT / DISCOVERY CONFIGURATION.

NDDSAgent: DomainParticipant::enable error 1