New Connext AI Chatbot Now Available!

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New Connext AI Chatbot Now Available!

We are thrilled to announce the first public release of the RTI Connext Chatbot, our cutting-edge AI-powered assistant designed to enhance your experience with Connext products! This powerful support tool provides instant 24/7 real-time assistance. It answers your questions and offers comprehensive information and examples about Connext features—all through natural language interactions.

In contrast to generic AI chatbots, the Connext Chatbot is specifically designed to meet your needs within the Connext product ecosystem by including context awareness, sourced answers from official RTI documentation, and high-quality responses. Learn more in our blog: Connext Chatbot: Your AI Assistant for Navigating the Connext Ecosystem

Get Started for Free

Simply, sign up for free with your work email registered with RTI and get ready to dive into a seamless support experience.

Once you have access just start a conversation by typing your query into the chat interface, such as:

  • Feature Understanding: "What are ways to configure QoS policies in Connext?"
  • Performance Tuning: "What are best practices for optimizing Connext performance?"
  • Code Samples: “Provide a code example for implementing a publisher and subscriber in RTI Connext DDS in Python”

Please note: The Connext Chatbot is using a large language model (LLM), so it's important to verify the information provided using the source links in the responses, as LLM chatbots can be susceptible to hallucinations. Additionally, if you need any help with an architecture review or design decision, please reach out to our industry-leading Services team for expert guidance. For any additional support please visit our FAQ section or contact our support team at

We are excited to have you explore and benefit from the Connext Chatbot. Thank you for being a valued customer!

Juhi Ranjan
Senior Group Product Manager, RTI