No cmake support for QNX

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No cmake support for QNX

When  I try to cross compile RTI DDS application for QNX target platform with cmake. I got below error:
-- RTI Connext DDS installation directory... /opt/toolchains/rti_connext_dds-5.3.1
-- RTI Connext DDS architecture... armv8QNX7.0.0qcc_cxx5.4.0
CMake Error at /opt/toolchains/rti_connext_dds-5.3.1/resource/cmake/FindRTIConnextDDS.cmake:446 (message):
  armv8QNX7.0.0qcc_cxx5.4.0 architecture is unsupported by this module
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  CMakeLists.txt:7 (find_package)

It seems that FindRTIConnextDDS.cmake doesn't support QNX yet. Currently, only linx/windows/Darwin are suppoted, right?  Is it possible to cross compile with cmake?

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You are right Dean, for now, we don't support it but it's part of a future improvement.

We don't have a time estimation yet, in any case, the ID of the feature is BUILD-1021. Please keep this number for future reference, this way you can check on the future documentation if it was resolved.