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Persistence service


I'm having a bit of a problem with running the persistence service. I'm running a simple scenario of writing to a topic with persistence up, then closing the writer and opening a reader. What I see is that the reader of the persistence service receives the data and stores it on disk, but when I open the reader on topic, the writer of the persistence doesn't transfer all the data. Specifically, I tried sending entities of various sizes (200-400 bytes) and I always see messages of 84 bytes received on the reader. The QoS profile for the persistence participant is the same as the QoS for the topic i'm using. Are there any specifics to configuring the storage? is there a way to check the data stored on disk?

Any help would be appreciated. 


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There are a couple of things to check. Are you setting the ReliabilityQoSPolicy to RELIABLE both on the DataWriter and the DataReader.  The default ReliabilityQoSPolicy for a DataReaderis BEST_EFFORT. However to get historical data the DataReader needs to both specify the DurabilityQosPolicy to something other then VOLATILE,  and also set the  ReliabilityQoSPolicy to RELIABLE.

Another thing I would do is to try to reproduce the problem using the Persistence Service and the ShapesDemo. If you have the professional edition installed you can run both the ShapesDemo and the Persistence Service from the RTI Launcher. The  Persistence Service that you start from the RTI Launcher has several configigurations ready to persist shape-demo data. Similarly the ShapesDemo comes with some profiles that allow you specify different levels of DurabilityQoSPolicy.

I would try a process like this:

  1. Get ShapesDemo and PersistenceService to work from RTI Launcher
  2. Try to configure yoru PersistenceService to persist ShapesDemo data. You can try with the configuation you are using now and also compare it with the one bundled with the TI Launcher configurations for Persistence Service.
  3. Try to have the PersistenceService that you start from Launcher to persist you application data.

This hopefully will uncover the difference in confuguration that is causing your problem.