Persistent Service Redundant Setup

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Persistent Service Redundant Setup

Hi, I am trying to setup two transient persistence service to act as backup for late joiners to get info when the datawriter is not writing anything.

I am currently facing an issue where if the datawriter and my first persistence service is also down, late joiners could not recieve any information from the second persistence service. Synchronized qos is turned on.

I assume that both persistence services should have the same data samples since synchronized qos is on. Is my assumption wrong or is there any qos like maybe liveliness that would affect this?

Edit: I managed to make it work, but noticed they are some hidden rules. Can anyone help to verify if my theory is correct?

1. When data writer is first publishing, all persistent service need to be up

2.If there are two persistent service during 1., and one of the persistent service went down before data writer start to publish new data, the other perisistent service is able to pick up the data and synchronize once it is back up

3.If a third perisistent service is up while data writer is not writing, the two persistent service would not synchronize the data with it

4.If third persistent service is not residing in the same server as the other two, if the other two restarted, they are not able to connect back to the topic until the third persistent service is stopped. However if they are residing in the same server it is possible for them to connect back