Point-to-Point communication with multiple subscribers.

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Point-to-Point communication with multiple subscribers.

I have multiple subscribers and a publisher who communicate on the same topic. The publisher is publishing a message intended for a specific subscriber. My naive implementation is to add an ID to the topic data that the publisher sends and each subscriber processes the data to determine if the message was intended for it by checking the ID. The purpose of this message is to tell the subscribing process to configure itself based on user input.

I can't help but feel this implementation is incorrect as we're adding transport data into the application data as well as duplicating messages to subscribers who don't need the data. My search ability is failing to find documentation or recommendations detailing how to implement this behavior. I am hoping someone can point me in the correct direction. The documentation I did read revealed three potential ways to implement this: separate domains, paritions, or content filtering. Am I correct to believe paritions would be the best approach to implement this? Or am I just not understanding the concept of subscribe/publish design?