The process of RTI DDS Configuration in different language is different?

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The process of RTI DDS Configuration in different language is different?


I have been confused by the process of DDS configuration in different language(C++,LabVIEW).

 I have one project which is written in C++,it can write/read information in kinds of topics between two devices.

Create participant->Create Subscriber->Create topic->Create reader under the topic(according to my QoS Config).

->Then my program gets an instance response(on_liveliness_changed),and my program could get data from this topic too(data_avaliable).


But in LabVIEW, there are not so many settings to config.

I create my own custom type,and use RTI DDS Toolkit ComplexType Generator to generate the reader/writer examples.

Then I modify the reader example, set the Advanced Reader Configuration to config my QoS.but this VI could not read anything from another device.

DDS Sample Info:





I can't pinpoint exactly what the cause of the problem is. Is there some thing wrong in my QoS?Or is it because the configuration is still missing in the VI program?


I've been stuck on this issue for a long time.I really need your help,Thanks!





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Well, it's pretty difficult to guess what's wrong without knowing lots more.  Are you using RTI Connext DDS as a supported licensed user?  If so, I suggest contacting RTI's support team (

Otherwise, it's trial and error.  First are you running the 2 apps on the same machine or not?  If not, try to get 2 C++ apps to talk to each other...I think that you indicated that you were able to do so.

Then, I would work with the HelloWorld example of the  DDS Toolkit for LabVIEW and get 2 LabView applications using DDS to talk to each other on the same machines that need to communicate.

If you get all of that working, then using the datatype of the LabVIEW's example in a C++ application, and try to get those two to talk.

Then, and only then, would I try to use a custom type and your own Qos configuration.

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