Publication Matched between Connext and Micro but No Data

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Publication Matched between Connext and Micro but No Data

I'm having some difficulty in getting Connext Professional to work with Connext Micro.

We are publishing a large message (~100,000 bytes) from a Connext Professional 6.1.1 C# application. Our subscribing application is using Connext Micro 2.4.14 and is written in C. Both applications are run on the same machine.

Currently, both the publishing and subscribing applications report that they successfully matched with each other, but the on_data_available function in the subscriber is never hit, and the publisher reports the following exception on each send:

System.TimeoutException: DDS error stack: at
Rti.Dds.NativeInterface.Helpers.ReturnCode.CheckResult(DDS_ReturnCode_t retcode) at
Rti.Dds.NativeInterface.Publication.NativeDataWriter.WaitForAsynchronousPublishing(Duration maxWait) at Publisher.RunPublisher(Int32 domainId, Int32 sampleCount) in Publisher.cs:line 146
DDS error stack:

If the async publishing timeout is set to infinite, the write never returns. I've tested the auto-generated C# example subscriber and it does work with our publisher. I've also tested the Micro C generated example subscriber, but that has the same behavior as my Micro application.

I've read the notes on the interoperability between Connext Professional and Micro and have implemented those suggestions, as well as the suggestions from the article on sending large data.

I'm guessing it's an issue with Micro not wwanting to handle the data fragmentation, but I can't be sure. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thank you.

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Connext Micro 2.4.14 does not support large data so it will drop DATA_FRAG messages.