Publishing from "mycomputer" to "NImyrio"

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Publishing from "mycomputer" to "NImyrio"

Hello guys, new to RTI DDS, so far i am able to publish/subscribe from VIs in "mycomputer" to "mycomputer". However when, i try to publish from "mycomputer" to "NImyrio", the VI in myrio does not subscribe from my host pc. I am merely trying to publish a simple boolean variable. Thanks in advance, any reply will help!

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Hi austin6452,

This seems to be a discovery issue. Can you try adding the IP of the myRIO to the initial peer's list? By default Connext DDS uses broadcast for discovering other peers, but it is also possible to use a list of specific peers in cases where the broadcast is not available (i.e when the myRIO is connected to the PC by USB). There are different ways of configuring it. I recommend you to set the environment variable NDDS_DISCOVERY_PEERS in your PC to the IP of the myRIO. This way when the toolkit will try to contact the myRIO directly. It also can be done in the myRIO making the NDDS_DISCOVERY_PEERS pointing to the PC but I recommend you to try with the PC because it is easier (In the myRIO you have to set it on the myRIO startup). Please have a look at the ConnextDDS user's manual section 14.2 "Configuring the Peers List Used in Discovery" for more infromation.